Does Your Marketing Copy Talk?

A big problem I see with many marketing materials on the web is what I call “flowing” copy. Now, I understand that copywriting is a very deep subject, and no one is a flawless or perfect writer…but your marketing copy has to talk.

What do I mean by this?

Well, an exercise you can do right now will tell you the answer. In fact, you should do this exercise every time you write marketing copy for any of your sites…before you put that site out on the web.

“Marketing Copy Exercise”

Step 1 – Finish writing your copy to what you determine is the “final draft” (it won’t be once you finish the exercise). Then move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Before you put out the final draft, read your copy out loud to yourself (or someone else is even better)…all the way through…and see where you naturally pause. Then move to the next step.

Step 3 – Read it out loud from beginning to end again (to yourself or another person). Get a “feel” this time for where your copy “feels” wrong or awkward…your gut will tell you.

Step 4 – Read it out loud one more time, but this time stop at each point where it “feels” wrong…and re-write that part of your letter until you can say that part of your letter smoothly.

Step 5 – Repeat step 4 until you have reached the last part of your copy…and “smoothed out” the rough spots. Then re-read it one last time to ensure you got them all.

That’s it. By doing this, you are allowing your brain to associate with your copy directly and after you complete this process your copy will start to sound like you’re “talking on paper”…which is one step closer to a winning marketing letter or piece.

Don’t skip any of the steps above.

They look very similar in nature…but there is a reason I separated this process out for you.

Once you have written a few marketing pieces this way…you will start to naturally write how you speak…and that will make it easier for you to generate results online. It’s only one step to an entire copywriting process…but it’s a critical one.

Are You Failing Your Market?

Ahh yes…the power we have as marketers.

Do you understand that power?  “What power?” you ask?

The real, undeniable power of serving our market…if we aren’t failing that is…


Why would you be failing to serve your market?

After reading this post, judge for yourself if you truly understand the powers you have while you conduct business every day.

  • The power of your copy… if used for good, it can help you market reach decisions once thought outside of their comfort zone.  If used for bad, it can unnecessarily pull money out of their pockets, and land you in jail.
  • The power of your service or product itself…if you have valuable (for real) products and services to promote to your market…and those products or services have the power to change lives…why the fuck wouldn’t you be aggressive with your marketing so as to get that stuff into as many hands as possible?  Are you ashamed of it?
  • The power of spreading the word…you and you alone have the power to use the internet, offline media, and other methods to quickly and effectively spread the word about your stuff.  Not having money isn’t an excuse any more…because entire million-dollar businesses were created without spending a single dime on advertising.  A good reference for this is here.
  • The power of creating something valuable and unique…you can decide what to create in terms of a package of value for your market.  You don’t have to follow the norm…you don’t have to “do it the way “they” say…you aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself as a business owner.  So take your fucking business by the horns and give your market what it deserves…your best.

But perhaps the most important idea comes to fruition if we have the last power…

The power of failing to do any of the above.

If you fail to create marketing that accomplishes the objectives you have set for it, and fails to promote a product or service that will help that market…then that has a BIG ripple effect throughout that community.

Because you failed to deliver your product or service to any part of your market…the information that didn’t get to an unemployed worker can cause a family to be sent to the streets.  A business that didn’t receive your valuable consulting services could shut its doors permanently because you didn’t put together a value-added package of services correctly.

No, you can’t babysit everyone in your market, but you have to acknowledge the power of your failing to reach your market as aggressively as you can.

In other words…you’ve failed to do your job as a marketer.

You could have the best product or service to offer a market, but if you can’t match the marketing to the market…via the message you send…for whatever reason…you will remain anonymous.

So, be aggressive with your marketing, get your helpful products and services out there, and stop at NOTHING to sell, sell, sell (to the right people, don’t try to be everything to everyone).

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner In Effective, Aggressive Marketing For Your Business

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner In Effective, Aggressive Marketing For Your Business