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You work hard marketing your business, there’s no doubt.

But, do you truly see and capitalize on the most important opportunities for profit leverage when they arise?

Most business owners don’t.  They keep using one (maybe two) methods of marketing their business, never realizing the full opportunity for incredible profits that awaits.

Typical statements from these business owners sound like this:

“Oh, I get most of my business from referrals, I don’t need to market.”

“We’ve been running this one print ad for years, no need to change anything.”

And on, and on…

Do you relate to this?  It’s ok, you’re not alone.

Enter a good copywriter with a marketing mindset.

If you use one, like me for example, I will examine more than just the “one” project you assign me for…in fact, I will reveal some hidden marketing assets you have probably had sitting right under your nose for a long time.

Marketing assets, that when capitalized on, can bring almost immediate and substantial profits right to your bottom line.

In addition, I can help you test your marketing efforts, tweak, and then maximize the profits coming from these new streams of income.  All this, in addition to the “one” project you assigned me to do. 🙂

And, the best part is…no babysitting required.

So, after reading this, you really have one of 3 choices to make:

1)  Keep doing what you’re doing, justifying to yourself that you cannot afford a copywriter right now, or don’t need any help.

2)  Think about this post…and always wonder “What if?”

3)  Send an email to right now (or call 360-438-3632) and at the very least explore this option for profits right now.

Action takers, movers and shakers, and successful entrepreneurs will pick #3. 😉

See you at the top.

Remember when I said “I’ve been doing some deep thinking”?

Well, it was about my business model.

For those of you who may not know, I’m a writer.  I write direct response copy, articles, and such…while also offering consultation services to people who are using the Internet as a marketing media for their businesses.

That has been a VERY successful model, by the way.  I’m seriously into the “lifestyle business” it has provided me and my family.  From working when I want to (literally), to being able to provide for my family, this business model has served me well.

Now it’s time to expand on the “lifestyle” part even further and be a writer…

Here is what I WILL be doing effective August 15th, 2010:

After some deep thinking, and soul-searching…I’ve discovered that the best ways I can serve people best is to write, but on a different level.

I will no longer be offering marketing consultations as part of my business model, and I’m expanding the writing part of my business model.

Of course, I will provide marketing strategy and advice as an added-value PART of my writing, just not the official, formal, and paid mentoring sessions that I’ve been providing.

So here’s what I will offer from this point forward, effective August 15th, 2010 (have to wrap up current contracts)…

  • My foundational service, writing direct response copy that pulls in sales and leads for my clients.
  • Offline postcards, direct mail packages, and other direct response copy.
  • Magazine articles, I will be focusing some of my efforts towards print.
  • “Lifestyle Essays”.  These will be rather unique, longer articles (reports?) and will be offered on this blog as downloadable PDF’s in paid and free format.
  • And more…

So that’s why I’ve been thinking.

It’s said our businesses go through a transformation as we discover how best to reach our markets, and make the bigger-scale shifts in the economy that we want to in our “missions” as entrepreneurs.  This is how I will make mine.

Until August 15th, I will be offering “shorts”, or those short marketing consultation sessions (up to about 4 hours at the longest).  These “shorts” will be offered in 2 varieties…

Up to 2 hours of hard-hitting marketing advice or a kick in the ass (whichever or both as needed) :  $197.00

Up to 4 hours of hard-hitting … you know:  $297.00

I will only sell 7 of these sessions in either format (remember, mine is a lifestyle business 🙂 ).  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

IMPORTANT: But just because you want one, doesn’t mean you’ll get one. To qualify, send an email with your preference of 2 or 4 hour session in the email body.  Send that email to .  We’ll chat a bit on Skype, or over the phone (via email?) to make sure what you need and what I offer are a fit.

I look forward to offering paid marketing consultations, one last time.

There have been some courses released recently (and marketing efforts that follow)…which claim that long-form sales letters are dead.  (the link is to the post that inspired this post, not a course)


Some marketers have even claimed they aren’t using them any more.  Their loss. I’m still writing them.

This is NOT to say that video doesn’t have a place in online marketing, it most certainly does, and probably will occupy a permanent place in the toolbox of every successful online marketer.

That doesn’t mean that video marketing replaces the long form sales letter.  What it does mean is it compliments long form sales letters.  They work as a team to more effectively engage your audience and keep their attention right where you want it…on your web page.

Now, if you hate copywriting, you’re in the perfect market for these “video-only” courses.  You’ll probably ignore the advice on this post, and use video for the results you get (which will be not as good as you could get, and yes this is tested).

Think about something for a minute…

  • When you’re watching a video online, and it’s a sales pitch, are you going to take the marketer’s word for it that the details and promises offered will come true…or do you feel more comfortable with it all in “writing”?
  • If you’re watching a video that “rambles” on, do you find yourself wanting to “get to the price” of the offer, whereas a sales letter can give you the details when YOU want to read them?
  • When watching a video, have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I wish they just had something I could read during a break or something, I don’t have time to watch all of this!”?
  • Can you print a video and read it later?
  • Don’t you hate those long videos with no controls that force you watch the whole thing?
  • And on…and on…

Once again, I’m NOT making a case to not use video in your online marketing efforts…merely offering points against using video to replace a style of marketing (the long-form sales letter).

The main point is, so long as there are human beings on this planet, and you’ve targeted your market properly, there will be some that want to read, some that want to watch, and some that want to listen.

Why not offer all three? 🙂