@Comcast Doesn’t Care At All (Part 2)

Ongoing problems, data charges, and outages are why Comcast / Xfinity should only charge to “access” the Internet, and not be able to charge for “data usage.” They don’t have the reliability of a power company, and with their track record thus far (and laziness in fixing the infrastructure) … it will likely be a […]

Comcast Doesn’t Care (At All)…

Well, Comcast is at it again. In another one of its seriously crazy business decisions, Comcast has decided to charge customers that actually use its Internet service data fees if they use more than 1024GB of data in a month. They will charge you $10 for each 50GB over that amount of data, up to […]

My Comment On Comcast’s Net Neutrality Comments

Comcast recently clarified their position on net neutrality (link to Twitter hashtag). Their comments are in this announcement from their corporate website. I posted a comment to that discussion, and as of this post, it was still being “approved” by Comcast Voices. ┬áJust in case it doesn’t, I screen captured the comment I left, and […]