I Guess The Lawmakers Aren’t Enough?

Recently, a WA State law was passed making texting or using your cell phone as a driver while driving illegal…and a primary offense.

Heck, it was a secondary offense before that.

Yet, even after the public had spoken in this way, there remains the idiots who are still doing it anyway, thinking somehow they are immune to the consequences (and not just the legal ones).


We cannot drive or pay attention to the road as effectively while texting or talking on a cell phone (it’s been proven repeatedly), so these individuals are making a conscious decision to put their life, but more importantly, everyone else’s lives at serious risk for their selfish reasons.  Are you kidding me?

Is that conversation or text chat so important that you cannot wait until you get out of the fucking car?  Nope, never, not in any case.  Not when human life is at stake.

It’s a shame we live in a society where people make conscious (unconscious?) decisions like this which can damage people’s life, property, or well being.

Sad.  Really sad.

Slow Down

Slowing down seems (keyword: seems) hard to do in today’s “instant” society with texts, cell phones, Droids, laptops, etc…etc…

But I call big, fat, piles of  bullshit on anyone who says they “can’t” slow down on a moment’s notice.

What do I mean by “slowing down”?

  • Enjoying each and every face to face conversation you have with another person, and then making time to have quite a few more.
  • Quit texting while driving.
  • No cell phones while driving.
  • If you’re within 1000 feet of the person you wish to speak with…then walk the rest of the way and talk to them face to face.
  • Have you just stopped for a minute and enjoyed the fact that all of this is here?
  • And on…and on…

But it seems hard to slow down with all this technology flying around, all those TV commercials about the next “Droid-thingy”, and all your other friends telling you about the next cool gadget they just bought…etc…etc… right?

Guess what?

All those things represent is stuff.  Big piles of stuff.

Will you be remembered for the stuff you acquired in life?  Will your legacy, the one you leave your kids and grandkids be filled with things?  What meaningful, life-changing conversations have you tried to have with the people who mattered most in your life?

Do you want to gather up a big pile of stuff, or be known for something meaningful?

Think about that today.

Does Life Seem To Move “Too Fast” Sometimes?

Life moves too fast sometimes.

You can text while you’re driving, because you “gotta” get that message RIGHT NOW before you get to the same person’s house who’s texting you in 11 minutes.

11 minutes…you’re gonna see that person in 11 minutes…why do you need that text message?

Nothing could be THAT important, could it?

Life moves too fast.

Shopping in the mall I watched as teenagers called each other on the cell phone from 100 FEET away from each other.

They couldn’t get close enough to have a personal conversation, oh no, it was obviously important enough that they stay right where they were and talk on a cell phone.

Wasn’t it?

Life moves too fast sometimes.

Since we only have one life, one time on this earth, don’t you ever want to slow down and enjoy it?  No cell phones, no text messages, no laptops…just talking to and enjoying being around the people in your life that you love.  Or, enjoying nature and the things that life provides when you slow down enough to really see it.

Or, has “artificial life” taken over your life?

Think about that today.

What Would We Do Without Cell Phones, Texting, Etc… ?

Holy crap.

How many interruptions do we need in our lives?  Does talking on a cell phone in the middle of the grocery store give us some feeling of “busy-ness” that we long for?

And don’t get me started on texting…or emails.  From a business standpoint, I’ve coached many business owners to STOP using these forms of communication while running their businesses…almost altogether.

Do they tell me to “get bent?”

Nope. Quite the contrary, they tell me a BIG thank you once they convert the saved time unnecessarily spent into fresh dollars for their business.

So how does this apply to “real life”?  (as in, not to a business, but to a family)

Well, I’m here to challenge you a little today.

Let’s start with the biggest waste of time in the history of mankind, text messaging.

I’ve never texted, and go figure, my life is just the same (very successful, free time, enjoy life and money etc…).  Oops, correct that, I have actually sent a picture once or twice a YEAR since text messaging has been available.


I challenge you (no matter how important you think texting is) to turn that off for 48 hours in a row.  Then, really analyze your situation…did you really need to send that text message while driving?  At a dinner party?  Did that text conversation go really any faster than blocking out a bit of time to have an actual conversation later (on a real telephone, remember those?)?

Why do we need to talk about anything “in real time”?

This applies to cell phone usage too…almost in the same way…with one notable exception…emergency situations (real ones, not “can you grab an extra gallon of milk while you’re there?).

For emergency situations…the cell phone is probably the best invention ever.

Ok, I could spend hours writing about this topic…because it’s really one of those topics that makes me think.  But I will leave you with a parting thought…

Whenever you use a cell phone, or text someone, sometimes even email falls into this category…did the extra “speed” in your life really make that much of a difference?  (most of the time, if you’re really looking honestly, it doesn’t)

Then, when all of this extra “speed” from technology builds up and eventually overwhelms your life (in some cases, like texting while driving, harming others)…is all that “speed” helping you, or hurting you?

Think deeply about that today.