Thomas Edison Failed 1000 Times…Yawn…

Thomas Edison failed to build a working light bulb 1000 times before creating a successful one.

Yawn, every success guru points to this story as a “Failure leads to Success” story.

But…it’s not enough to just fail 1000 times…you also have to learn, build, and improve all at that same time in order to get to that successful one.

This isn’t a mechanical operation folks…you are still the centerpiece in the success or failure of your business…so you can’t just say “Well, if I fail 1000 times…I’m going to succeed for sure.”

Bullshit.  Doesn’t work that way, get over it.

Success REALLY Is Your Choice

Success in anything, including marketing online, is 100% your choice.

You can choose to believe all the stuff “they” show you or talk to you about (the media, the politicians, some of your “friends”, and on, and on…).


You can choose to believe there is opportunity out there, there is plenty of income possibility for everyone, you can get rich in the way you want to, and you can do it if you commit yourself to it.

Deliver more real value than you charge for, always.

The choice is 100% yours to make, so don’t let anyone take that away from you…ever.

Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be…

There’s only one real reason, but I’m going to provide a few examples. 🙂

I will let you know that I don’t write this from a position “above” you at all…

I have made thousands upon thousands of mistakes in my time marketing and developing my own business…it’s from that position I write this to you.

Ok…let’s get to a few reasons why you’re not where you want to be right now…

Every successful business was started and developed by a “personality” of some sort. In fact, your business was started by that same person.

And that person is also the reason that you aren’t where you want to be in business.

That person is you. That’s right, you’re the only reason you aren’t where you want to be right now.

Here’s the real kicker…you actually “make up” most of the reasons that you are not where you want to be internally!

It’s true, whether you choose to believe it or not.

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

–Henry Ford

An example?

You’re working on project A.

It’s a very productive project, whatever it is…but it has some parts that you don’t like to do.  Instead of outsourcing those parts (you make excuses to yourself as to why you can’t like budget and such)…you “drudge into” doing those parts of project A that you don’t like.

But, with only two parts of project A left to go…you stop…overwhelmed by the sensation “that something in that email box must be important enough to distract you, if just for a moment.”

Then that moment transforms into something bigger…as the phone rings, and you figure you’ll just answer it just this once for today…because you know you want to finish project A.

I mean, you only have two more parts to go, right?

Then another email arrives…

Then, “just one more phone call” to take…

All the while, project A seems to be slipping from your grasp.

Then, “stuff to do” has developed from the several emails and phone calls you’re taking “just this once”…and project A almost becomes history.

Then the plot thickens, another “proven money maker” enters your mind…and takes over.

Project A has now become a thing of the past…and so close to completion. Who is at fault for this big mess?

Gut check time, or as I repeat on my blog, “time to look in the mirror.”

Who do you usually blame when you get pulled off of a major project so near completion? One of the people that emailed you? A group of the phone callers?

The phone calls and emails themselves?

Really, that’s all B.S., and you know it…don’t you? 🙂

Come on now…admit it to yourself. You’re the only one who really has control over your time…I mean…you do have control of your time right?

But that’s not the real, deep down reason why you didn’t finish project A is it?

Be honest with yourself here…the failure or success of your business this year and next rides on how truly honest you are with yourself here. If ego gets in the way, you’ll fail…if you like to place blame games…you’ll fail, guaranteed.

The real reason you didn’t finish project A was FEAR. Your FEAR. Period.

As human beings…we tend to gravitate towards the path of least resistance. It’s a proven fact. We like to look for shortcuts, we like to do the least work possible to gain the most results, etc… etc…

If you dispute that about yourself, stop reading this post right now, I don’t want you to “waste your time” on the serious education coming up. Besides, you have magic bullets to keep searching for…right? 🙂


So, since humans tend to seek the path of least resistance, that would mean if we encounter resistance, we seek relief from that resistance right?

Go ahead and let your logic kick in here…it’s ok.

Fear is that resistance manifesting itself, it’s your body’s way of preparing you for the work or situation to come.

You had a decision to make when working on project A above.

(By the way, we have ALL had a “project A” in our business careers, so don’t use the excuse that this doesn’t apply to you)

You could have decided that NOTHING would distract you from completing it.

(And you know as well as I do we have enough potential distractions these days, right?)

In this particular example, you decided to “just allow that phone call/email” to distract you for only a moment.

That was FEAR doing its dirty work.

You might be asking yourself… “What the heck would I be afraid of? I mean, I was so close to finishing project A…and so close to making money…why would I be afraid to finish it?”

We’ll use an e-book as an example…

Let’s say the last two parts of project A were the last chapter…then the final edit of the e-book, before “putting it out there” for sale. I am assuming for this example that the sales letter is done, and all of the marketing is in place (except for initial testing of course).

In this case…your FEAR would possibly be stemming from “putting it out there”, and facing possible scrutiny of your work…or the possibility of your marketing starting out as a complete failure in initial testing.

Here’s the bottom line about FEAR…

—-> The successful business-builders get over it and embrace FEAR…

…the failing business builders don’t get over it…and instead let FEAR destroy their business.

Sit down right now, remove all distractions right now, and really let that statement sink in right now. Think about how it has already impacted your business up to this point, then think about how it will impact your business in the future…think about it all.

I’ll wait.

You haven’t done it yet…no way.

Come on, I am not going to cover any more until you actually do this.

Did you really sit down and let it sink in yet? Did you really absorb the power of that statement as it applies to your business-building?

If you actually did…congratulations, you probably will be part of the first “embracing” group and hopefully after reading this post, you will be even more successful.

If you didn’t…

…stop reading right now…this was the most simple of exercises, I didn’t ask you to do too much (did I?)…but yet you let something “get in the way” of actually doing something that could make you millions of dollars (literally).

I don’t care what it was that got in the way, it really doesn’t matter…you simply need to work on whatever that is first before you attempt to build businesses (it could have been ego, thinking you “knew that already”, etc…).

If you didn’t stop and think about the statement above and its implication on your business…you have another chance, because I am not right there hovering over your shoulder. 🙂

So get to it.  The future of your business depends on it.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Have a GREAT 2010!
Joseph Ratliff - Have a GREAT 2010!

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