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Content Isn’t King

Man, I’m going to shock people from the “typical” school of marketing community today.

Folks, content isn’t, and never has been king.

Oooooh…Joe is defying common wisdom online today isn’t he?

Nope, content isn’t king…and here’s why…

Content is a part of something much bigger…the conversation.

That’s right, the conversation is king, and always has been.

Now for a little explanation to give you an overview as to why the conversation is king…

Who searches the Internet?  Google or a human being?  Ok…now that you know the answer is both…who can actually respond to you and your business?

Who do you do business with as an end user (read:  who do you sell your stuff to)?  Google or a human being?  Ahhh…now we’re getting closer.

Who do you publish for…humans, or the Internet?

Ok.  Now before I get the barrage of emails saying “But Joe, how will I get found in Google if I don’t write optimized content for big G?”

To which I reply…

Who cares if your content “gets found in Google”, when, if you are carrying a conversation with people, those people will share your content with other people, who will share with other people, etc…etc…

And in the end, we know who buys your stuff right?  It’s certainly not Google…unless you create the next YouTube I guess. 😉

So…write to the people, people.

As I’ve said a million times…

Business is, and always will be about people, people.

(eliminate the Internet as the “middle man”, and instead turn it into what it’s supposed to be, a delivery device for your conversations)

What Business Are You In?

Ahhh yes, the ultimate question.

Some would say… “I’m in the __________ (niche here) business.”


Still others would say… “I’m in the marketing business.” (betcha didn’t expect that one huh?)

Wrong again.

I would challenge that you’re in the business of serving people.

Your niche is the industry in which you choose to serve people

Your marketing are the methods and media you choose to use and invite people into your business of serving people.

I can feel it…I can hear those email programs or the clicking of the keys in the comment box below getting ready for a debate…

Bring it on. 🙂