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“XYZ Affiliate Network doesn’t pay on time…”

“Mr./Mrs. Guru won’t help me…”

“Man, I wish my vendors delivered as promised…”

I’m a BIG proponent of self-accountability.

This is an enormous hot button for me…I throw up in my mouth almost every time I hear the whining, moaning, groaning, and complaining about what goes wrong, who does it wrong…and why there aren’t any shortcuts to make business so easy you can operate it from an armchair.

So it’s time to deliver the big concept that will change all of that, so you can have and enjoy all the perks of a business (like I enjoy).


You have to turn your business into a magnet.

No, not the kind you stick on the kitchen refrigerator, the kind that attracts the right people, resources, and energies to your business.

In simpler terms, you have to build a business that is bigger than yourself…you can’t be the centerpiece of your business. Instead you have to separate yourself from your business…and you have to build a business that people enjoy interacting with…and want to support.

You are part of that plan, no doubt about it…but the business and the vision behind it MUST be worth supporting in the first place.

You build a business that the affiliate network takes notice of, and gives preferential treatment to…

…a business that a successful business person will notice, and want to work with you sharing resources towards success for both of you (not just you, Mr. Greedy)…

…a business that vendors (website designers, copywriters, etc…etc…) take notice of and pay extra special attention to…

But the hard part of all of this is…you have to build and create the vision that drives this type of business.

In your actions every day, make yourself an “easy to get along with” person (if you aren’t already)…try to help other people when you can (like I do with content and Skype chats from time to time)…in essence…

Try to be what other whiny, moany, groany business owners aren’t…a magnet.

Even if you’re not the “extreme” example of the business person I point to in this post…I’m sure you can think of several ways to improve starting now.

Think about it today.

It’s a funny thing…

Some people waste so much time trying to “crack search engines”, and find out how to “trick Google” that they forget about their business.

It’s time to change that mindset people…and get back to work.

I equate “trying to crack codes” with floating down a fast moving river in a rubber raft with oars…and trying to paddle faster and faster to stay away from a waterfall.

Think about this for a second…

What happens when someone comes out with a “Google Cash Method” or a “Adsense Arbitrage” program (or variation)?

Google’s overall objective never changes…it will deliver relavent content to it’s search audience.

So big G “slaps” or modifies its algorithm to adjust for the “sneaky” ways to try and break the code.  2006 anyone?

So how fast are you going to paddle to try and keep “cracking the codes”?  I mean really, Google has way too many resources to even try this.

So go out and build a real business…not one built on a fad.

The best way to keep your business from going over the waterfall, is not to jump in the river with “fad business techniques” in the first place 🙂

Create your business based on multiple streams of dependable income generated from adding value for people (there is that word again).  Quit trying to game HUGE search engines and “crack codes” for temporary fix.

Cracking codes kills businesses.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Mr. Notacodecracker

Joseph Ratliff - Mr. Notacodecracker

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Entrepreneurs have a disease…at least the unsuccessful ones do.

What follows is a combination rant / business lesson (if you “get it”).

We’ll start with the “entrepreneur’s disease” which kills your ability to absorb useful information and make decisions based on that information…

The disease is called inuititis.

(pronounced i-knew-it-itis)

You see examples of this disease everywhere information in different formats is reviewed…but I am going to point to one example in this post…

Look at any entrepreneurial book review (on a book that has many ratings)…and you’ll find profound examples of this disease…

“I knew that already…”

“The information is a little basic but…”

“This is a good primer for…”

“Nothing spectacular in these pages…”

“I didn’t learn any real “secrets” in this book…”

Or a variation of the above.

Unless you own an ultra-successful business already (not just income, but total success)…what gives you the right to judge (or rate) the info contained in any author’s work, even if they hype the content a little?

(obvious scams do not fit into this category…but those quickly get discovered and eliminated in most cases)

Classic symptoms of inuititis include…

  • A serious “I am better than thou” ego. It’s almost as if this ego allows the reader to try and put the author of the information “down to their level” by discrediting the info.  What’s really funny…is this person is typically NOT an author themselves…so they really haven’t put themselves in the same public light to be criticized…yet they feel they can be a critic to the extreme.
  • Always looking for some magic “advanced level” of information…when that info really doesn’t exist. For the most part…this is the basis of their criticism, that the information they just read didn’t have anything beyond “basic info” to them.
  • When they go to a seminar…they always complain about the fact they were “sold” instead of being delivered the business world’s secrets on a silver platter for $99, $500, whatever the price is.  Look, seminars are sales and marketing devices, period…get used to it.  There is a little useful content (even in free seminars)…but then be prepared to be pitched, or leave.  What’s funny here, is a seminar can be a good place to secure a life-changing business relationship…yet the person looking for the wrong thing (a magic button) will be disappointed.

I think you get the point now, if you have inuititis, try looking at things in a different light…because it’s killing your business.


Your focused on the wrong things.

For example…here’s one thing that’s killing your online business right now:

Hunting for secrets.

They don’t exist, quit hunting for them…and go fail fast to get to success faster.  Plus, when you’re always on the lookout for the “next big secret”…you severely lose focus on the more important parts of your business…like building it.

One of the side effects of inuititis, is the constant need to inject yourself with the latest information from the latest product launch, new release of a book, or other “magic pill”, looking for  a shortcut.  It’s like crack…do just a little…and you’ll never be able to wean yourself off of it.

But you have to start today, if you suffer from this disease.  Many do, because this recession places additional mental strain on many people…so it becomes an “easy way out”, or to mask the real problem with growing your business further.

Get rid of this disease, as soon as you can.  If you don’t think you have it, you probably do to some degree (still gets a hold of me once in awhile).

You can choose this path right now:

hunting for secrets —> get excited —> try to implement something at the wrong time in your business —> criticize the author for the “basic information” —> repeat this process until your business dies (and it will, I guarantee it)

Or you can choose this path right now:

Quit hunting for secrets —> instead, focus that time and money on growing your business —> make a thousand mistakes that will be better education for your business growth anyhow —> discover your own secrets to growing your own business —> retire to a beach on a remote island and sip Budweiser 🙂

Oh and if you choose the second one, both a newfound clarity for your business growth, and a cure for your inuititis will be discovered…I promise.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your Doctor To Help Cure Inuititis

Joseph Ratliff - Your Doctor To Help Cure Inuititis