Blogging Returns (But It Never Left)

Ahhh, blogging (the act of writing a website known as a blog). On a slow news day, the media (sometimes including the more mainstream media) likes to claim the “death” of blogging. I’ve written many times on this blog, that the use of a tool like a blog to publish your writing will not die. Ever. […]

Writing Slowly

Who said you had to blog every day? They’re wrong. Write slowly. I am. The book, “Slow” will be published in 2014, but it might be slower than that. As for this blog, why not subscribe in a feed reader other than Google Reader (which is going to pasture), and you’ll be able to keep […]

Your New Cubicle Has Arrived…

Is your blog really doing what YOU wanted it to do? Not what everyone else THINKS it should do…but is your blog serving the purpose YOU intended? If not, your new cubicle has arrived…enjoy. Think about that today.