Slowing Technology Down

I’m an avid user of technology.  I do think we need to take more control and start slowing technology down, however.

Here’s what I mean…

I surf the Internet, I use mobile technology, I text, I Tweet, etc… so I’m not afraid of what the latest technology can do for us.

What I am afraid of is what some types of technology, and the attached mentalities behind buying, consuming, and using said technology… are doing TO us.

There have been spectacular innovations within the last 50 years.  The Internet, the mobile phone, the social media, wearable technology, sensor technology etc…

All of it, good innovation in concept, and for the most part, in use.

That said, we need to slow down what I will call our “consumer mentality” when using various technologies… and instead adapt a more-focused “user mentality.”  Here’s the difference:

Consumer mentality = “gotta get the latest update/version/gadget/color/Tweet/text/etc…” in order to claim my status within society.

User mentality = “think ‘do we really need to upgrade?’/Tweeting valuable content, not what you had for breakfast/I don’t NEED to get that latest text right away/I shut OFF my phone from time to time as appropriate/Bottom line, I USE the technology, it does NOT run my life at all, EVER.”

Bottom line, life-saving, world-changing, problem solving technologies are a good thing.  Standing in line so you can try and be first to get the latest iPhone 5s and get your 15 minutes of fame on YouTube… that is more of the consumer mentality.

We need to slow down our technology so we can use it, and quit letting it use us.

Their marketing and advertising is aimed at turning you into a consumer, so they can increase their quarterly revenue and churn out profits.  They could care less if you lose a bit of your humanity in the process.

But, don’t take it from me, look around the next time you walk down a city streets, or drive in traffic… how many people aren’t paying attention?

We need to fix that.  And, that is only one small example of many examples for the need to slow down our technology.  Focus more on the world-changing, problem solving, life saving stuff… and WAY less on getting a bigger camera in your phone.

The main inspiration for this rant, comes from the potential I see with our use of technology.  I suppose I would like to see technology being developed and used in a way that makes this world a better place, not a tabloid news bite.