The Book Has Gotten Slower

The book’s publication is getting slower.


For several reasons (also a couple of “excuses”).

1.  The editing is completed, but I’m toiling with completing the recommendations in the way I wanted to bring the book into the marketplace.  I want to utilize the editor’s recommendations, but on the other hand, I don’t want to lose the “sting” a manifesto can have to affect change.

2.  Excuse #1 – I’m nervous as shit bringing my first book into the marketplace.  But I will get over this.

3.  Excuse #2 – I have an “analytic” and very “philosophical” side to my personality.  This is leading me to want to add sections to the book that weren’t there before to pad the page count (around 90 – 120 pages, a short manifesto).  I don’t want to “pad” in the sense of adding fluff.

4.  This is a tougher piece of writing for me, not because it’s a book, but because I have to take some of my prevailing “passion” out of the book, I think.  I want this book to have an impact on as many people as possible, not just the typical person in my audience.

5.  Excuse #3 – Busy with my copywriting for Agora.

So, this book WILL be published, that is going to happen.  Just not as early this year as I thought.  But, still this year.

And, I’m assembling my other book (due out 2015) as I write this.