Slow Social Media

If you want to be, you could be connected 24/7.

In fact, there are some people that don’t stop answering their phone, checking their status on whatever social media account, don’t stop to talk to someone without connecting to something else etc…

Bullshit.  This is complete and utter bullshit.

Why do that to yourself?  Because some commercial on TV said you had to?

(Have you ever slowed down long enough to analyze WHY you do these things?  It’s OK, most people haven’t read another book past high school, so you’re not alone)

For the purposes of my book, and this blog… I’m defining social media as any media form that you interact socially with someone or something else.

So, slow social media would mean slowing down long enough to have a full conversation with everyone you talk to face to face, 100% of the time… for example.

Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine turning your phone off, for most of the day, and picking times of the day where you immerse yourself in media and return phone calls.

I know, I know, you might miss something if you don’t have it on 100% of the time, engaging your Twitter feed while you’re talking to people, and acting what I like to call “bullshit busy.”

(That means you’re acting busy, for some reason, but it’s really bullshit)

Who cares if you miss something?  Was there some scheduling deity from up above that came down and decreed:

“You MUST answer the phone when it rings, you MUST answer every status update, or post your own… or even look for something to do online when there is nothing… you MUST!”

I think not.

And the sad thing is, we do this when we’re talking to another person right across from us… or even worse… while we’re driving a car.

Have you stopped to think what the other person is thinking when you do this?

Didn’t think so… most people haven’t.

And the REALLY sad thing is, this is just one sliver, one small example of our 24/7/365 society and social media use.

So slow down… try turning the phone off unless you CHOOSE to engage in social media and return voice messages.  You’ll probably find you really don’t miss that much, and the weird feeling you get?  That will go away.

The reward?  Your time. 😉  And that’s a reward that is becoming more and more valuable as we go along.

NOTE:  I am active on social media, but slowly, at a pace I control… and I have to say the boredom I feel sometimes is a relief, not a negative consequence.  As for the mobile phone, it stays off until I want to use it.  Amazing concept eh?

ANOTHER NOTE:  Yes, I used to be the 24/7/365 guy… and man I’m ashamed of myself for sinking to that level.  Not to mention the health consequences.  Let’s slow down, and take back control of our lives folks.

As the title to this website says…

“In a world focused on speed, life begins by slowing down.”