Slow Smart Phones

It’s simple…

Turn the ringer off… turn the notifications off… and use the phone, don’t let it use you.

Too many people are letting their phones use them… don’t believe me?

Ask the next one who bumps into you because they were texting while walking down a crowded sidewalk.  Or the next one who is paying more attention to their smart phone than the other cars on the road while driving.

Or, the idiot who sits at a green light because whatever they are watching on their smart phone is more important than keeping traffic (which is already enough of an issue) flowing.

Or, the worst example… the person who does one of two things:

1.  Starts talking to you, then interrupts that conversation saying “I’ve got to take this.”  No, they don’t.

2.  Has to text someone who is less than 500 feet away from them, instead of walking up to them and talking to them face to face.

Sad.  Slow the smart phones down people.


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