Slow Religion

This is probably going to be a touchy subject.

On top of that, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between publishing this article, and leaving it unpublished.

It’s important to note that NO offense is intended towards any set of beliefs here, or the people that believe them etc… and that I personally respect all opinions on this subject of religion.

For the purposes of this article, I also expect professional and courteous comments/discussion, anything other than that will be deleted (as it applies with any article on this blog).

Let’s get to it…

Slow religion means that no matter what you believe, or don’t believe… no matter where your faith lies, what book you’ve read etc…

Slow down.

Our differences do not need to lie in religious (or non-religious) beliefs.

In fact, it seems to me that “religion” is the wrong venue to “be different” on.  We need to slow down, and think critically, before attacking another person based on their beliefs or religious disposition.

To me, it seems like those that choose to fight (sometimes, wars) based on religious beliefs (or non-religious beliefs) are just… wrong.  I understand that might sound discriminatory, but I’m pointing to the fighting itself, and the decision to fight against each other (in some extreme cases, killing each other) over what we believe or don’t believe religiously.

Seems trivial to me (not the killing and death, the decision and behavior to kill).  If you like to sit on the couch, because you believe the next episode of The Tomorrow People is important, but your neighbor wants to go out and run every day… do we start wars or fight each other over that?


I understand that is overly simplified, but…

Haven’t we evolved beyond this need to (en)force our beliefs (or non-beliefs) on others, as human beings part of the same race?

Nope.  Unfortunately we haven’t.

And we need to “slow down” as it pertains to religion.

We’re different enough as humans, and we don’t know everything about creation, the universe, each other etc… and we need to start acting like it.

Believe what you want to believe…

… but don’t force others to change their mind about what they believe…

… and let’s focus on the things that matter in our current form, skin and bones.

The rest will happen according to whatever you believe, but even if it doesn’t, whatever it is will happen anyway.  We’re too insignificant to control it within the scope of the Universe itself.

For now, we are all going to die at some point, that much is guaranteed (although we might extend that in the future).  What happens after death, will either happen according to what we believe or it won’t.

But that ISN’T something we need to kill each other for, it isn’t something we need to discriminate against each other for, and it certainly isn’t something we should be wasting our time arguing about, quite frankly.

There are much bigger fish to fry… like learning how to be humans.  In my opinion, we’re still “rookies” when you consider the big picture.

Slow religion down.  Believe if you want to believe, don’t if you don’t want to.  But don’t hate or discriminate against another person for what they believe.  That’s just wrong.  We are only a small drop in this huge cosmos called the Universe, no matter who (or what process) created that Universe (or even how it was created).

We. Don’t. Matter. In. The. Big. BIG. Picture.

The Universe is going to hum along LONG after we’re gone… regardless of our beliefs or what happens to be “right.”

And just because we might believe we have an idea of how such cosmic and universal events (and the people part of those events) have transpired… in the end, in the big picture, we just don’t know.  No matter what any books that have been written on religion, or otherwise, might say.

Even our science community itself will never answer all questions, or even a small portion of those questions, because there are just WAY too many questions to be asked.

So, let’s slow down religion (and politics, and, and and…) and just enjoy each other’s company in this short ride we call life (whether it ends up being eternal or not).

We only need one “label” for existing on this planet peacefully… that of Human (and all of the imperfections, good and bad, that come along with being human).