Slow Projects

What’s the first thing you usually think of if you’re thinking about creating art, writing a book, making music etc…

Heck, you might even think of this when you are taking a new turn in life.

Making money, putting food on the table, etc…

Well, slow down.

Your project, art, book etc… is going to have to come along for the ride while you’re doing the “other thing” that puts food on the table, pays the bills etc…

See, most people have the idea of leaving their job, career etc… and going to work on their fantasy project, create their art, write their book.

But normally, for most people, they don’t have an amount of cash set aside to accomplish this dream.

I’m all for the dream, but you do have to be realistic to a certain extent as well.   Sure, you can reduce expenses, you can sell some of your excess stuff (we all have some), you can even go so far as to ditch the car and find other ways to get around.

But then you will also have to get real, there is still food to put on the table, light bills to pay etc… even at the most minimal of levels.  If you have 6 months to a year’s worth of cash set aside to pay these things, then GO FOR YOUR DREAM by itself.  Forget the “real world” and get your project completed.

For the rest of us, you’ll have to work on the side.

A good book I’ve read on this topic is “Writer with a Day Job” … which might be a good start for you.

Of course, even when you’re working on the side (which I was doing back in 2000 into 2003 while getting started on my writing career), devote 5 hours a week to your project at minimum.

Turn off the TV, quit playing around and get to work on your dream, slowly, take your time with it.

But get it done.

Because if you don’t, you’ll be completing someone else’s dream while waiting on your own.