Slow Politics

We rush to our vote every four years we elect a President, I think.


Because we vote “Republican”… or “Democrat” when we shouldn’t focus on that at all.  We need to slow down… and vote for the PERSON we feel is going to lead our country to prosperity, not the corrupted and “paid for” country we have currently.

I’ve said before on other writings, I’m MyPartisan.

But this isn’t about me… this is about you… and going slow enough to think about what our vote means.

Bottom line, we need to go slow with our vote, quit listening to the BS on the TV and the media, and make our own fucking decision.

We need to change the idea behind this quote:

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

~Emma Goldman

We need our voting, or whatever we put in place to replace voting… to change something.

Slow down, and think about the politics of your country.