Why Do People Return To Old, Self-Destructive Habits?…


I know this lady, who is a little ancy when it comes to recovering from an illness, always wanting to get on with her life a little too soon. Sometimes, this behavior has cost her BIG time.

But every time she gets a little better, she does the same thing.  I mean, what does it take to finally listen to the doctor and recover from an illness properly?

I would rather be laid up for 6 months, and recover permanently…than to be laid up for 4 weeks, get a little ancy, and do something destructive because I was bored (and yes, I’ve been there).

So why do people return to destructive habits, never seeming to learn?

I think it has to do with some level of control that these people want to have in their lives, maybe they lose that control, and only feel better when they have that control back…no matter how destructive it might be to their lives. In other words, having this control ends up being the death of them.

Learn to let go of that control people.  It really isn’t as important as you think, plus, letting go of it can actually provide a “freeing” feeling.  At least it did for me (I’m NOT a qualified psychologist or anything, so get whatever professional advice you deem necessary).

I just wish some people would learn to “let go” sometimes I guess.