A Rough Version (PDF) of The Slow Manifesto

So, I’ve created a rough PDF version of The Slow Manifesto for you to download.

I call it rough, because it contains the material from this online book, minus the “administrative” type of stuff that is available on this site.

It’s a little nicer, and of course, portable version with links to posts and resources.  Feel free to download it using the link below:


And feel free to share the PDF with others.

What does this mean for publication of the book?  It means that yes, finally, I will be publishing a Kindle version, and a paperback version after polishing this version up (and making it ready for print form).

So, the book is WAY shorter than originally planned.  About 50 letter-sized PDF pages (probably around 70 printed pages in small book format).

It’s a Manifesto, and that is what I set out to create.

It will be priced according upon publication.