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Book resources for The Slow Manifesto are linked below (all links open in a new window):

1.  In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore – The book that inspired me to write about “slow” and what it means to our lives.

2.  You can continue your travels today by reading this blog post (opens in a new window), which inspired my initial investigation into the concept of a slow lifestyle… then I recommend downloading my free short guide titled “Life As I See It.”

3.  I’ve discovered this is a huge movement of sorts, from slow food to different ways to approach speeding laws.  You’ll discover, as I did, that we’ve deviated from a much simpler time in our evolution as humans.

4.  The World Institute of Slowness – Exactly what it says.

5.  “Avoid The News” essay by Rolf Dobelli (PDF).  News is junk food for the brain, to slow down this part of your life, I highly recommend reading this essay.


I’ve published various free documents along with my paid books, articles and other gifts for download over the years, here is where you can get your free copy of these various writings

Thoughts About Impact

After a conference call with fellow colleagues, I was inspired to write about the topic of “impact” as it applied to marketing and life.  Those thoughts ended up in a 1400 word essay.

Some Links To Life

A mini-collection of essays from another website of mine on Tumblr.  We are in severe shortage of people who want to evolve past the “status quo” and do stuff for the greater good of civilization.

Our Digital Society

A deeper essay that explores our obsession with using data in the endless pursuit of perfection.  Humans aren’t perfect.

An “Eco-Realist’s” Response to An Ecomodernist Manifesto

My 15 page examination of the manifesto that 19 prominent members of our species created … in efforts to decouple from Nature.

Sealed for Your Protection

An essay I wrote covering our incessant need to protect ourselves from everything.  Unfortunately, our obsessive reliance on the artificial modification of our environment will eventually result in our demise.

Success Is Straight In Front Of You

Updated most recently in 2012, this is a collection of articles from The Ratliff Report™ mainly focused on, you guessed it, success and some marketing advice.

Why You Aren’t Where You Want To Be

People have asked me “Joe, why am I NOT where I want to be in business/life/marketing?” This document answers that question from my perspective.

My Irreverent Business Thinking

A collection of some of my “irreverent business thoughts.”

Amerika 2056 – The Awakening

A fictional (?) short story about a dystopian future for our country involving the widely publicized “Singularity.”

Click here to buy short story reprint rights to Amerika 2056 – The Awakening (100% securely via Paypal)…

NOTE ABOUT REPRINTS:  Click the link above and pay for reprint rights of the base Amerika 2056 short story which you’re free to tailor to your publication.  I’ll send you the Word docx within 24 hours of payment to the email address you use.

Also feel free to add to the story once you’ve purchased reprint rights, and create your own Amerika 2056 story (after you purchase reprint rights, feel free to re-title it).


I will update this page infrequently as I write more essays and assemble more collections of writing for you to enjoy.

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