Racing To Life’s Finish Line

A post I wrote some time ago… which explains one of the basic premises behind my upcoming book…

“I’ve gotta paint my house.” (do you? or do you just need something to do?)

“We’ve gotta get these bushes out of the backyard by Fall.” (we do?  last time I checked, we can always do it next year)

“I’ve gotta pull an all-nighter just to get this done on time.” (really?  did you fuck up the management of your time to begin with?  or are you going for ‘status symbol’ here?)

Jesus people.

If you keep running towards the ‘finish line’ of life, when do you stop to catch your breath?  And why is it we attach some fucked up status symbol for ‘sacrificing’ so much of our lives to get things done?


Who really cares that you work 80 hours a week doing a job that should only take you 30 hours a week to complete (yet you, for some fucked up reason, stretch it out to 80, then brag about it to your coworkers)?

Here’s a little insight, nobody really cares.  They are all too busy with their own lives to care about your all-nighter or 80-hour week.  People might give you a pat on the back of some sort, but at what expense?

Do you really lack self-confidence so much that you need those little, tiny “hoorays” to function in life?  (like the typical, ‘I need my 15 minutes of fame’ person the news media finds to interview when they bring you “live” to a scene)

So what do I mean by the title to this post?


Walk through your life…don’t run.  It never has been, and never will be about how much you get accomplished…rather it’s the quality of what you accomplish that matters.

We can get how much from anyone…are you willing to step up and offer us quality?