We strive to make more and more progress as a society, civilization, whatever.

We must move forward, not backward.  We have to upgrade, not remain stable.  We must go faster, not slower.

We must stop doing this.

Not just for ourselves, but for the world as a whole.  When is it good enough?  When do we have “enough” technological progress to say “Hey, let’s stop progressing and use this for awhile.”

There are obvious exceptions to this “slow and stop all progress” mindset.  We have lives to save, an environment we’ve destroyed (but won’t fully admit to doing so), and a future to think about.

We can’t stop every single form of progress in every area of our civilization.  It would be foolish to expect that.

But we can stop all harmful industry, fuels, energy, greed, “efficiency” (notice the quotes), and on … and on. We could start the process of actually stopping all of this now, and turn the page to a new era of our civilization.

It will require resisting old, damaging, expensive (in the big picture, not just $) forms of industry we’ve progressed past for a long time… but we can do it.

We just have to act like we’re capable of as a human civilization.  It might be uncomfortable for a little while, but afterwards, we will enter an era of advanced civilization.  We might just biologically evolve as humans too.