Privacy Matters — Even If You Think It Doesn’t

The recent news on a NSA spying program called PRISM has rattled the feathers of people interested in our security, as well as people interested in our privacy.

Good, linked coverage of this comes from Michael Arrington of Uncrunched.

Folks, I hate to put it bluntly, and normally I have more faith in our country than this… but I think we’ve started down a very slippery slope.

The Government IS watching, and I don’t care if it’s just “meta data” or whatever, they ARE watching, and that behavior alone… in what is supposedly a free country… disturbs me.

And, they say it’s “legal”… but so was most of what Hitler did in Germany:


What’s next?

How much are we going to stand for as citizens?

The companies sending the data have both immunity from prosecution and are also prohibited from disclosing that the NSA has requested or received the data.

So, Verizon is immune from prosecution… they are allowing this to happen… AND they can’t openly discuss what’s going on?

This tells me there IS something to hide, whatever that is.

Privacy always matters, even if you think you have nothing to hide.

People who have nothing to hide, and say this is OK for the Government to do, because it’s “in the interest of security”… are simply taking our civil liberties for granted… assuming they will always be there.

Once our civil liberties are gone… they’re gone.  How much longer are we going to let them erode away?

Another point for those that think “nothing to hide” is a good justification for these types of surveillance programs, read this Reddit discussion thread in full.

I know I probably won’t change your mind, but if you’re open-minded enough to read that thread in full, you should at least come to one conclusion…

Privacy is not dead.

EDIT 06/10/2013:  The video testimonial of the NSA whisleblower, Edward Snowden… talking about some pretty scary stuff.

Also, a post by Doc Searls with more links and stuff.

URGENT UPDATE: @jesse on Twitter created Petition for privacy that you should consider…

It’s our country people… let’s take it back!

Jesse Stay's Privacy Petition
Jesse Stay’s Privacy Petition

MORE EDITS 06/10/2013:

  • Another petition, challenging President Obama to a debate over NSA surveillance… HERE>>>
  • Still another, to pardon Edward Snowden… HERE >>>
  • And perhaps the most important one… to amend and/or repeal the infamous Patriot Act established by Bush HERE >>>

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