Plan B And Why It’s Killing Your Business

“Well, it’s time to go to plan B…”

“What’s our back up plan here?”

“Just in case I fail, I’ll just do this…”

Business killers…all of them.

Plan B is a BIG time business killer folks.  The best companies, results, marketing, products, etc…etc… were almost always formed or delivered WITHOUT a “safety net.”


For the most part, when there is no alternative…when we have to perform (or suffer grave consequences)…as humans, we shine.

Think about it…how many “rags to riches” stories are out there?

But uh-oh…I can sense a disturbance in the force…

Some of you may not be willing to step outside of your comfort zone enough to take any risk without having a contingency plan of some sort.

Fine.  You could still get results.

But let’s think together here for just a second…if you have a “back up”…how much real focus will you put into succeeding with your risky venture if you know there’s a net there to catch you if you fail?

Now, compare that to the level of focus you’ll devote if there isn’t one to catch you.  Feel the difference?  You’re going to make damn sure you succeed, because if you fail…the consequences will be much greater.


If you will put more effort towards success when you don’t have a net, than if you do have a net…wouldn’t you succeed more often without one?

Sure…when you failed (which is certain), there would be greater consequences, but they would occur less often (because you’re succeeding more often)…soooooo….

You have a choice…

1)  Keep using a plan B, succeed less, but have a “net” there to catch you if you fail.  You’ll also have a slower time of building momentum…and escaping mediocrity.


2)  Stop using plan B, succeed more, with no “net” there to catch you.  When you do fail (and you will)…it will have greater consequences, but you will fail less often with more focus and more success.  You will therefore build more momentum faster…and escape mediocrity.

It takes some guts to choose number 2…but if you do…well…you’ll pass up everyone that doesn’t ever make that choice.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Do you have a plan B?