Part 2 of the 2,000 Page Marketing Lesson

Well, here it is, as promised.

Yesterday…I promised that I would tell you why good Yellow Pages Advertisements separate themselves from the rest of the very large pack.

Two primary reasons:

1) Benefit – laden headline instead of the “Dr. John’s Chiropractic Clinic, Open 7,000 hours” typical headline you see. Get to the benefits, what does your product or service give me? That should be the first thing I see as a consumer, not the name of your business and phone number. I am looking through the phone book…I will find the phone number on my own thank you. 🙂

You can also take a “news story” approach to the headline…which leads to the number two separator from other ads…

2) Editorial – style advertising. Come on now, we have all caught ourselves reading the “article” that is actually an advertisement, haven’t we? Well…actually putting a tidbit of useful information leading to the only next conclusion being to call you is an excellent way to increase response and catch the attention of those looking for that solution (here is where you get to put the phone number and name of the business…at the END of the advertorial).

Tell me if you can think of other ways that Yellow Page advertising “catches” your eye.

Feel free to comment.

And, quit using cookie cutter style advertising in the Yellow Pages. 🙂

Get creative, or hire someone else to get creative (like me).

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, and Speaker