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We Are All Part of the Same Broken System

If (For Some Reason) You Find Atheists “Delusional”…

If you’re willing to dismiss someone as “delusional” based on one simple (and harmless) belief of theirs (like being an atheist) … that’s a little weird.

But what I really think is you’re looking for some “snap back” … someone to call you delusional or some other name etc.  Maybe some “back and forth” about whether God exists.

Nope. Because get this…

If you believe in God, that’s your way of sorting out the World we live in. That is something every person on this planet is trying to do.

I think it would be wrong to use your religion as an excuse to harm people (in any way), or to try and impose it on others.  Other than that … enjoy your short time on our planet.

We only have 75 or so trips around the Sun … what else are you doing with yours?

NOTE:  This version is slightly edited, given as an answer to this Quora question.

@Comcast Doesn’t Care At All (Part 2)

Ongoing problems, data charges, and outages are why Comcast / Xfinity should only charge to “access” the Internet, and not be able to charge for “data usage.”

They don’t have the reliability of a power company, and with their track record thus far (and laziness in fixing the infrastructure) … it will likely be a LONG time before we see improvements.

The moral of the story is, we need more competitive choices for ISP service, way more … or Internet access in the U.S. will continue falling farther into the hole.

So call your congress reps, send them emails frequently, and poke at Comcast / Xfinity directly online.

(Example: Twitter hash #comcastoutage or #datachargessuck etc.)

The only way it’s possible to get what we want out of them as consumers (short of canceling service) is to bug them incessantly (but respectfully). And even that isn’t altogether effective in the short-term (more like long-term).