Welcome to the Age of “Overmedia”




  1. plural form of medium.
  2. the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.

“the campaign won media attention”

Some form of media is everywhere you look.

We are now beyond saturation, and media is taking over our lives. From mainstream news, to brands that “place” themselves in our art, to our willingness to submit to those brands and become their spokesperson.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Our best ideas are eventually ruined by brands, over-commercialized to the point of no return. Our best music is thinned out by T.V. commercials.

Our human desire for attention puts us (and our private lives) in media’s watchful eye.

Make a human mistake (that quite frankly most people make) and you could get crucified by the public court of opinion.

Fail to be useful to the “media” and your 15 minutes are up. But like a drug, you’ll seek to reclaim that fame at any expense.

The media seeks out those who are willing to cater to the story of the minute, of the week, or of the year. Sure you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame, maybe a little bit more, but at what expense?

We get “scored” by media, give up our private information to media, and even have a sick worship of so-called media heroes.

We are living in The Age of Overmedia.

Media drives you to the store to take advantage of “unbeatable limited-time deals” that will actually repeat themselves over and over. You pull out your credit card and go into even more debt. Or you’ll pay cash for it, save the interest, but have another “thing” to maintain, replace, or repair.

There are ads in almost every corner of our lives, yet we want this “Internet of Things” that will complete the task.

You can’t even pump gas without media being shoved down your throat, to manufacture more of your consent. The media are used to influence first your opinion, then your actions, but worse … to manipulate your emotions.

And no matter how highly you think of yourself, you aren’t immune to it.

Because even in trying to ignore media, you’re conforming to it.

(Think about that).

The N.S.A. spies on you (and don’t be so naive to think you’ve got nothing to hide), ad companies are tracking you in the most creepy ways, and media wants to drive you…

  • It wants to drive your fear.
  • It wants to make everything appear alright.
  • It wants to create illusions of a life you could not possibly have, so you’ll buy more and more useless stuff.
  • Etc…

Heck, what you’re reading right now is media.

Media filters what you’re actually looking for, because it wants to be in control of what you find. And you fall for it, over and over again. We all do.

Because we live in The Age of Overmedia. We are beyond the saturation point, and into the infiltration point.

Soon, we might not be able to function normally without it.

So what are you going to do about that in your own life?

(Sadly, the most common answer is probably … nothing).

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