Only 4 More Years Left For People To Die Needlessly…

I don’t know how these friggin’ insurance company executives sleep at night.

Thousands of people every day are dying from insurance-related denials, like pre-existing conditions and the denial of coverage.

What the hell?

Health care “reform” (more like the first baby steps in my opinion) has passed…and in 2014 this denial of coverage because of a pre-existing condition stops (finally).

But I ask this to all insurance companies…and specifically their executives…

Why wait? Why not be the first to win the PR race and get some GOOD PR credit for your company by being the first to adjust your policies now?  (and even better, save lives, get more customers by being the first etc…etc…)

Just do it insurance company execs…it’s the right thing to do, and I don’t give a hoot what B.S. line you want to try and feed me, you haven’t done “right” things in quite a while.

I just can’t understand why greed has to overcome human decency in this country…that just baffles me.

Thousands more will keep dying until you take this crucial step insurance company executives.  You’ve had your turn lining your pockets, now it’s time to do what should have been done from the start…

Let doctors control health, pay your claims, forget the “pre-existing” conditions, and once and for all just be human.