One Trick For Developing Focus

Focus, yes, developing the habit of focus is a great habit to develop.

For those that might suffer from lackoffocusitisosis… try this (it was one thing that helped me to develop the habit of focus) :

1) Pick up a book that’s not one of your favorites, but not a “sleeper” either, this book must be 200 pages or more in length.

2) Read 10 pages a day, for 20 days straight (or until completed), no excuses, no reasons why you “can’t” do it etc… you must read your 10 pages a day.

3) Don’t read anything else on any one day, just your book. (That’s right, no blogs, forums, magazines, nothing else…we don’t want “shiny object syndrome” interfering).  Every time you deviate, you must start your book over again from the beginning (just like starting your business momentum over again when you lose focus).

4)  When you’ve completed reading the entire book, without distractions, it’s time to reward yourself…go out and buy something, have dinner out, etc… for completing your task.

If you can complete the above process (with no bullshit, trying to bend the rules, etc…)…you should have developed a habit of being able to focus on a task until completion by breaking a BIG task (akin to building a business) into smaller more easily attainable tasks.

Business building is by no means this simple, but by developing the habit of Focus, you’ll be well on your way to starting or increasing focus on your own business.