One Of Life’s Most Powerful Questions…

Most people just surf through life like “drones”, doing whatever comes along, being “busy” for busy sake, and hating their jobs.

These people never ask an all-important question:


  • Why do they continue working at a job they hate, wasting their lives for the illusion of “retirement” (over 80% never have enough money to retire on to begin with).
  • Why do they work 40-plus hours a week for “status”?  (your sacrifice doesn’t even go noticed most of the time, and is expected the rest of the time)
  • Why do they “settle” at all?  (there is some quote out there that says what you settle for is what you get, no matter how bad it is, or something like that)
  • Why do they allow other people to control their time?  (if you don’t control your time, someone else will do it for you)
  • Why, if other people are controlling their time, do they complain about being so “busy”, when it was their choice to allow other people to control their time to begin with?  (you know, you can say no right? It’s ok)
  • And on, and on…

We all make conscious choices that allow our lives to be shaped, when we slow down or stop making those choices…outside influences do that for us…and we have to live with the consequences.

So start choosing to live, always ask “why?”, and enjoy your 70 or so trips around the sun.