One Networking Mistake You Should Quit Making


At a local networking event…someone just jammed their business card in my gut.

Then, they started babbling about what they do, right off the cuff.  Ummm…

Do I care at that point?  Nope.

So why do we try and see how many business cards we can hand out at networking events?

It might be what he was taught, or maybe he didn’t know…but in this hyper-competitive business world, where everyone’s attention is divided by 100 (if they aren’t controlling the use of their time)…

Do you think jamming a business card in someone’s face is an effective networking tactic?

Besides, if someone were actually interested enough in connecting…shouldn’t the connection be more meaningful?

It takes time to develop key relationships folks…it is NOT an overnight, instant gratification thing.

Especially if you want to develop a relationship with someone who already has several key relationships built.

So, if you’re interested enough, take time to develop a real relationship with people…and you’ll find that 4 key relationships beats the HELL out of 100 fake ones…period.