One Blog Post Isn’t A Blueprint…

There’s always more when it comes to business.

Even when someone writes a 300 page book on business, it isn’t enough…there will always be more questions, more research, more…more…more…

So how could anyone expect someone to write, say, a blog post…and have it be the “end all” of your business problems?

For example…

What happens online a great deal is a short video, blog post, forum post, article, whatever is posted…and the questions get asked if there is a spot to put those questions.

So what if the person who posted the valuable content doesn’t answer those questions?  What do you do then?

Some people will “flame” the individual for not posting enough content, I’ve even seen threats made…as if the individual who freely gave their time to post the content is required by some law to continue the discussion at all.

I’ve got an idea: If you’re one of those people who “flame” or complain, just start implementing the ideaa, make a bunch of mistakes, do your own research (what?  be self-accountable?) and use the idea the best you can the way it was posted…then thank the original idea author for giving their valuable time to you in the first place.

The nerve of some people.

Even better…why not research the topic further yourself, and be “the hero” (so long as your research is accurate) … posting an extension of the original idea on your own website for others to enjoy.  In fact, that content could go viral itself, and you could get a boat load of traffic just by being the hero (and more importantly being self-accountable for your own results instead of relying on the original content author to continue).

Hmmm, novel concepts eh? 🙂

Holding yourself to a higher standard as a person, even if you’re not one of the above-mentioned types of people, can have tremendous benefits to your business or your life in general.

A wise person once said:

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”

– Brian Tracy

So your action item for today is:

The next time something you don’t approve of happens to you, try reacting a different way (if appropriate to you) and see if there’s a different result.

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