On the Concept of Evil

There is good in the world, and good people in the world doing good things. Love is a good thing. That much is certain.

That said, the rest of my comment is about my thoughts on evil (mainly to answer your question “Does evil exist?”)…

There is evil, but it cannot always be defined objectively. There are “obvious” examples of evil, but they do not define evil as a whole.

I would speculate that is one reason of many why the human idea like Satanism exists. They (Satanists) “operate” across the whole spectrum of evil. They represent the dark side (Jung called it the “shadow”) of human psychology.

Evil (to me) encapsulates a spectrum of thinking and acting, from acts like “cheating on your spouse” or even calling someone something hurtful (or trying to rationalize it without doing it). Then of course this spectrum includes the most horrible atrocities you can dream up. And everything in between.

If you really think about it, “evil” is a metaphorical “fluid” … there are “stronger” versions of it … and “weaker” versions of it.

The hard thing most people hate thinking about… is deep-down we’re all capable of some type of evil on the spectrum. No one is immune to “thinking” or in some cases “doing” something evil. (Unless you aren’t human, and then I want to talk to you about your technology 😀 ).

NOTE:  Above is the part where you might be thinking “But I don’t ____!” or “I AM NOT!” and that likely makes you a good person at a basic level.

Here’s 30 minutes of a short introduction “why” we have the capability of doing or thinking evil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQqUWa3G1XQ(Jordan Peterson … and the topic is really deep, this is only an introduction)

An analogy that can illustrate this…

A person might be able to drink strong alcohol, but most people can’t drink gasoline. But both fluids can be drank … and most people can survive drinking both. Evil is like this…

Someone might “do” a lighter version of “evil” and worse, they’ll rationalize that away (that’s human nature in a nutshell). But most people won’t drink the metaphorical “gasoline” that is pure evil, or do the “horrible” thing we typically associate with evil.

And of course there are also some people do the “horrible” / “disgusting” / “atrocious” thing. Worse, some people try to rationalize it away (obvious examples would be Wesley Allen Dodd or Ted Bundy or Pol Pot or Mao or Hitler etc…).

Evil, at least to me, isn’t easy to fully define … but it exists in our world as a force against good … and that much is certain.

So let’s focus on being good to each other.