I’m Going To “Minus” Google Plus

This is going to be the beginning of my “Year Without Google+” experiment.

Awhile back (in Internet time, which was like 2-4 months ago) I started a “Twitterless” experiment. Then, it was stopped.

But, I think Google+ can be done without for 365 days.  I think this is possible because to me, it’s a rather “boring” tool… even with the number of things you can do with it (which I do respect).  You can do more with it than Twitter, but Twitter… to me… “gets to the point of use” faster than Google+.

I don’t need another media browser (which G+ sometimes feels like), or another Facebook (I think Google got lost in competing with FB), or just another social media tool to use (read: waste my time on).

So, without further ado, my “Year Without Google+” begins.

If it pans out, it will result in the deletion of my Google+ account altogether. Who knows..

But, the “slow” lesson here is I suggest you do the same (try quitting one social media network), especially if you have multiple social media accounts.

In the end, all any of these companies that offer free social media tools are doing, is collecting and selling data to advertisers (not directly, as far as I can tell, but “eyeballs”). Twitter seems to be the best-behaved of these companies.

Google recently, not so much. We’ll see though, in this big game of life, things might change… or they might not.

You can follow me on Twitter instead, if you like: http://twitter.com/JosephRatliff

I’ll continue to be active there.