Making Money With Social Media Isn’t The First Of Your Problems…

“Joe, how do I make money with Twitter?”

“Why can’t I make money with my Facebook account?”

“I’ve tried that social media stuff, and I can’t track any sales to it.”

And on, and on…

Folks, this ISN’T your first problem.  It’s also the wrong focus…

It’s the conversation about you, that you have to participate in, that’s the first thing you should worry about.

It’s also that very conversation which is the key to making money with social media.  Participate in it.

If that conversation hasn’t started yet (you do Google searches for your name, company, and products right?), and you’re foolish enough to believe that you will be able to build a business (for real) and choose not to participate in it…well…it will go on without you.

If it goes on without you, building your business will be like rolling the dice in Vegas.

So, start the conversation yourself if it doesn’t exist already!

Start to frame how people will view you and your business, start to develop key business relationships that would have never existed if you “chose not to participate” etc…

If you’re not searching Google for your name and your business name, you’d better start.  (you can set up Google Alerts to bring it right to your email)

It’s that very conversation that generates the money…not directly, but indirectly…and only if you’re there to collect it. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

How many conversations are going on about you?
How many conversations are going on about you?