Just Getting By With The Minimum

A huge killer of internet businesses is the mentality behind doing “just enough” to get by…

This mentality infects, like a virus, many facets of an effective online business or marketing campaign like:

  • Customer service. Do you really go above and beyond for your customers and clients?
  • The “free” mentality. Just doing “enough” paid marketing to test…so you can move to the “free” marketing methods and save money.
  • Thinking about the content you deliver to the web for searchers to find. Outsourcing to the “cheapest” article writer?  Or do you want your content to actually mean something?
  • Thinking about “how little” to pay in employee expenditures and payroll. HUGE killer of any business here, folks, your business IS your employees and your customers…period.  Without them, you are doing this yourself, so why “just get by” here?
  • And on, and on…I’m sure you can think of a number of ways you’ve tried to find a shorter, cheaper, faster way of doing something “just to get by with the minimum”…I’m asking you to re-evaluate that thought process.

If you continue to think about how you can get by with the minimum…you’ll end up with the minimum business you’ve dreamed of. 😉

Time to think about how BIG you can go…and get by with the maximum…right?

Do this now.