It’s that time of year again. This is the second Independence Day for The Profitable Business Edge. In my first 4th of July Post last year, I gave thanks to those who helped give me independence in the online and offline world.

I am going to start by doing the same this year…

My wife Dawn, and my two boys Justin and Austin – Well, aside from the obvious reasons, I would be a fool not to mention the foundation of my life, my family. The support my wife has given me to push through even though it meant 14 hours of work today…has been priceless. My two boys help out on the other end…

“Dad, when are you going to be done on the computer today?” Heheheh. 🙂

Ryan Healy – A world-class copywriter, mentor, and friend. Ryan has helped me through a couple of brief “rough” patches I had this year of 2007… and deserves a visit to his blog “On Copywriting” over at http://www.ryansblog.com today. Thank you Ryan, you have helped bring peace in the couple of turbulent times I have had.

Noah Fleming – Owner of the very popular internet marketing membership site, http://www.rich-jerks.com , Noah has shown me quite a bit about internet marketing from an “insiders perspective.” His friendship and coaching have brought a new view for me to the online world, and I am using that viewpoint to create something big…something I think that will be revolutionary in the online world, and I will ask Noah to help bring it to light when finished of course 😉 . Thank you Noah, first for your friendship, and of course for the coaching.

There are countless other individuals that have made an impact in my business and personal lives…know this, you are all dear to my heart and I thank you.

Let’s be thankful for the freedom to make choices today everyone. That freedom has come at a heavy price, so don’t “ruin it” by forgetting to give thanks.

To your freedom in business,

Joseph Ratliff