It’s Not How Much Work You Do…

It’s the quality of what you put out that counts…period.

Personal sacrifice, working for work’s sake, putting in 70 hour weeks…what idiot thought of those ideas?

Who came up with the labor law that says you MUST work 40 hours a week to be “full-time”?  And for that matter, who REALLY works ALL 40 of those hours in a week?  (be honest with yourself if you think you actually do)

What.  The.  Hell?

There’s no doubt we live in a society where “how many hours a week” is some sort of status symbol (as artificial as that is, the company you work for doesn’t care about you).  We live in a society where “mass-produced” is the standard of quality for the most part (did you know there is an acceptable level of deaths from food poisoning for some establishments?).

I say we turn the tables as a society.

Focus on the quality of  the relationships we have, the quality of the work we put out (I am not suggesting you get yourself into trouble, so use your own judgment), and the quality of life we build for ourselves.

Retirement is almost a myth folks, quit working so hard towards an “end” that may not exist (something like 80% + don’t have enough to retire on any how, so why work so hard for that?).

Instead, take time for the person that really matters, you.

It’s not how hard or how much you work…it’s how smart and how much leverage you generate with quality work that counts.

Think about that today…and make more time for you.