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Special Downloads: Some Internet Marketing Wisdom From One Of My Mentors…

It’s no secret that one of my mentors to online success in a short period of time is John Delavera, creator of The Turbo Membership.

Well, today you’re in for a real treat, because John is sharing some of his wisdom with as many people as possible before June 29th, 2009…when he claims he will change the Internet Marketing world forever.

So, in preparation for that…he is giving a free 88 page report on a business concept known as Centralization…read it and you’ll profit, choose not to at your peril (I mean that).

You can get that report for free right here (it’s worth submitting your email, link opens a new window).

But I’m not done yet…

With permission from John, I have put together a package of special reports that you will enjoy reading (and hell, you will probably learn a bit too)…

And that .zip file can be downloaded directly below (no opt-in required)…

Download your “jd-wisdom” package by clicking here

Enjoy your reading,

Joseph Ratliff

P.S.  Hey, feel free to share the link to this post with anyone you feel would like a boost to their Internet Marketing education.

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