Internet Business And The Ripple Effect

Sometimes I think we run our online businesses with the freakin’ blinders on…you know that?  Turn on the news, and some business person seems to be whining about how much business they lost…

Come on…then do something about it whining business owner!

There’s money all around us, and we can’t even see it.  Even when Peter Schiff’s predictions come true.

Also, did you know it’s possible for you to cause damage to our economy on a much larger scale than you think?

We are going to cover both how to wrap your mind around the opportunities in this economy, and how to stop damaging the economy…all in this post.


The good shit.

It’s what I call, the Internet Business Ripple Effect…and it both provides opportunity, and takes it away.

Starting with the money…

The big concept here is when the economy is determining your market for you…you have to take the blinders off to see that market.  Here’s the big picture with this concept…

big concept —> bad economy —> creates pain —> pain creates problems —> you solve problems and make money

So this bad economy is creating several “pains” right?  Well, that pain creates problems…which if you know Marketing 101, you find a market that needs something and sell to it right?  So why the hell are there ANY business owners whining about the economy?

There is opportunity abound people.   We just need to take off the friggin’ blinders.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Are you insane?  I am sure you’re not (well, you might be, but…)…so when there is a different economy…logic would tell me that you have to conduct your marketing differently to continue to prosper.

The Ripple effect starts with the small changes you make to your business right after you read this post (if you’re not making money, you will take action right? Ahhh, forget it, you probably won’t…).  From there, you re-position your business to solve the new problems created by the economy we’re in.

Let the big companies (Fortune 500’s) make the cutbacks, cut their marketing budgets, and keep whining about the economy…you’re in a position as a smaller business owner where you can make the changes on the fly…hell, even if it requires you totally overhaul your marketing objectives and go after different markets.  No whining when you have to do a little work now, you do want to survive this recession right?


You can actually damage the economy following this Ripple Effect as well.

Where you are physically, and how you act creates a ripple effect for businesses.

Here’s an example (but NOT the only one)…

You’re in a bad mood and go into a bank.  Then, you get grumpy with the bank teller because they screwed up something in your transaction.  For the rest of the day…that bank teller treats every customer “less than enthusiastically because of your lack of respect.

When that bank teller goes home…they “spread the poison” to their families and friends with bad thoughts from their bad day you created.  They also have to get groceries, and if they’re in a less than favorable mood…the poison spreads… all because of your inability to keep your emotions in check.  Spending goes down, depression rises etc…etc… (well, maybe not that bad).

See how one small interaction with one person affects more than just that one person.  If we could all just create “positive” Ripple Effects, perhaps this economy wouldn’t be that bad?  Something to ponder.

And we have all done this…including me…maybe not with a bank teller, but perhaps “ripping” someone on a forum, or by not paying a vendor on time…but we are each responsible for our own actions.

This is just a warm up post…but please take this away —–>  Your actions, no matter how small, affect much more than just one person…so work hard to create the positive Ripple Effects that will help to re-shape our economy…alright?

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Internet Marketing Strategy Expert
Joseph Ratliff - Internet Marketing Strategy Expert