Why Intelligent Design Fails…

My short answer, anyhow…

We need to explicate the “intelligent” in intelligent design. Why focus on the intelligence behind the design?

Here’s why … So the ID proponents could put some sort of “entity with intelligence” there. Otherwise intelligence logically wouldn’t be necessary for a natural process of creation that perpetually repeats itself.

There is no “brain” or other mechanism for intelligence necessary for a seed to grow into whatever plant it would produce. Plus, the seed is created by the plant itself to regrow.

There is no intelligence, that is simply a natural process that is recursive (the seed grows the plant which produces the seed which grows the plant etc.).

So, intelligent design fails because of the needed “insertion” of intelligence by its proponents, in processes where intelligence isn’t necessary at all.

In an evolutionary sense, we could not “insert” anything into a creation process, we simply need to explain the process itself and the results of that process.