If You’re Only Marketing Online, Or Only Marketing In The “Make Money Online” Niche…You’re Missing The Boat BIG Time

I hear the excuses all the time…

“I can’t seem to get that offer to convert for my ebook with the ‘breakthrough’ way to make money online…”

“I am marketing with email, articles, PPC, forums, blogs [rest of the long list of online tactics here] … but still am not getting the results I want from my proven product…”

Or some variation of the above…


It’s almost like these marketers have fallen asleep or something.

There are a TON of other ways to make money online.  You’re marketing with tunnel vision if all you do is use internet-based media to advertise and distribute your products or services.

For consultants and copywriters…this means you actually have to freakin’ talk to people face to face at seminars and in your local business areas.

For those marketing in the “internet marketing” niche, that means looking WAY beyond your online media.  Newspaper classifieds, high-powered joint ventures (real ones, not just “I’ll market my product to your list”)…and more.

This is a short post.  Yeah, deal with it.