If You’re Close To Perfect…You’re Probably Missing Something Else More Important…

“There’s a little dust on the TV stand…”

“I can’t go out there looking like this!”

“OMG, we missed this little detail…what will they think?”

Ahhh…the urge to make everything perfect.

It’s an urge that is seemingly justified…but if we were to ask ourselves a simple question…we probably would begin to wonder if it really is justified.

By trying so hard to make things so perfect, what am I missing that would be more important than all this little stuff?

It’s funny, when some people claim to be soooo busy they can’t make engagements, can’t enjoy life a little more, can’t go on that short vacation…

…yet they are at home making sure that one tablecloth, that tiny bit of dust on the TV stand, or that little bit of paint on the deck gets taken care of.

I mean, heaven forbid if someone were to come over to your house, and spend time with you before you dusted.  I’m sure they will turn you in to the authorities or put you on YouTube if that dust didn’t get taken care of right?

Wrong.  People don’t care for the most part…and for the very few that actually will notice and say something to you about that dust…why do you care?  Are you living by their rules?  Was there some sort of law put into place that says if there’s dust on the TV stand you’ll be prosecuted?


Why is it a big deal then?

Couldn’t you let this type of stuff go and enjoy life a little more?  What if you had a heart attack and died today…would your legacy be that dust on the TV stand?  Or something else?

Think about this today.  We only have an average of 72 or so trips around the sun folks…let’s act like it.

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