“If You Don’t Get Dirty, You Haven’t Played The Game Hard Enough…”

The “game” of marketing, business, whatever you want to call it.

By some standards, I haven’t played “long enough” yet to create a Fortune 500 company or anything (actually, I don’t want to create a Fortune 5oo yet).

But I guarantee you…I have played hard enough.

But this isn’t about me…it’s about you…my valued reader…

It’s almost as if people are afraid to market their businesses…stick themselves out there as it were.

Are you that ashamed of your business that you don’t want to “put it ALL out on the field of business”?  To succeed in business, you have to be the one that guides your business to success.

No one else will do it for you.  In fact, they will (in most cases) try to work against your success.

But here’s the million – dollar question…

Have you, in whatever format, put your message and product or service in front of enough people?  Are you effective enough?

If so, you will have pissed some people off.  You will have generated loyal followers.  You will have people who just don’t care.

If you don’t have all 3 of the above, you aren’t playing the game hard enough.  It’s absolutely impossible to please everyone, to be all things to all people in your market…so unless you get all 3 reactions to your business as stated above…

You haven’t reached enough people with your message yet…period.

So go out there, get aggressive with your marketing (the right way, not just “noisier”).  Reach deep within your market and uncover all of the feelings that are buried in that market.

Don’t stop until you have accomplished this…and got dirty.

Then, and only then, have you played this marketing game hard enough.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - My marketing uniform is dirty...is yours?
Joseph Ratliff - "My marketing uniform is dirty...is yours?"