I Want To Thank Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits…

I participated in Rich Schefren’s Christmas party on Ustream today…

During the party, there were 3 trivia questions.

The first to submit a correct answer via chat…got a cool prize.  I won a valuable Jay Abraham (The Money Making Secrets of a Marketing Genius) book for answering the question…

“What was Rich Schefren’s 3rd Internet Marketing free report?”

Answer: The Final Chapter

Rich’s executive assistant is sending out the prize next week.

All I can say is wow, and thanks to Rich and the team at Strategic Profits.

UPDATE:  I have received the package, and Rich also sent me a very awesome bonus too!   He sent me the Strategic Profits Live 2008 seminar home-study course!…WOW.  Thanks again Rich and the team at Strategic Profits!

You can visit Rich’s blog, which is a recommended read at http://www.strategicprofits.com/blog .