I Am Going To Unsubscribe

I am going to unsubscribe from “garbage” email lists.  I probably have 200 or so lists at least to unsubscribe from.  These are what I call “pitchfest” lists.

Typical subject lines read : “IMPORTANT – about your account”… then you click into the email and there really isn’t anything important (the list owner considers a pitch important, but I don’t as a subscriber).

Another good one is: “Instant notification of payment received”…etc…etc…trying to make it look like Paypal has rung again…but really it’s another cleverly disguised pitch.  To the list owner using this tactic, I don’t even pay attention to the individual emails dude…I login to my Paypal account for the balance instead.

Anyhow…this isn’t a rant about crappy email practices…I’ll save that one for another time in the “Marketing Rants” category.

This is about the list of the email lists I WILL be continuing to subscribe to, and you should too.  Yeah, you’ll get marketed to (duh!), but the content delivered in these email lists is way worth it.

The list of “lists” is below so you can check out the details (keep in mind these are email newsletters, not blogs) :

Talkbiz by Paul Myers

TurboZine by John Delavera

Mark Joyner Atomic Mind Bombs

Perry Marshall’s Google Adwords Newsletter

The Internet Marketing Newsletter by Armand Morin

Michel Fortin on Copywriting, Marketing, and Life

Obviously, there are other e-newsletters that I will come across while doing this “housecleaning”,  and I will update this list as I come across those.

But, think about this for a second, why would these be first in mind?  First on my list?  Is your e-newsletter good enough to make it to the front of mind in a seasoned marketer’s head?

Good lesson to think about. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff
Joseph Ratliff
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