Helping A Fellow Warrior Member…

As I do once in awhile, I read the Warrior Forum.

I’ve been a member since 2005.  It’s not often that I read posts that truly turn tragedy into a positive opportunity like the following one written by Warrior Forum Member (and new friend) skydivedad (excerpt only below) :

Hi Warriors

My Mother died on Christmas Day and it was a horrible blow. She was a kind, gentle and loving woman who raised 4 kids after my Father died when I was 4. She was generous and giving. She always told me no matter my circumstances I always had something to give to help others even if it was just a smile. To Honor her Memory I’d like to give a totally broke IM newbie a break and a hand up…

You can read the rest of the post by clicking here.

Because this post was so touching…I personally contacted Paul (skydivedad) and decided to go ahead and donate a free War Room Membership to this cause for an honorary contribution (see the post itself for more details).

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