Has Life “Slowed Down” For You Recently?

On 03.24.2009 my modem crashed.

I didn’t get a new one shipped to me until the morning of 03.26.2009.  I was without internet access (a main part of my businesses) for almost a full 48 hours.

Now, I am what you would probably call a “hyper-productive” person…I can usually get done in 2 hours what it takes an average person 8 hours to do.

I tell you this not to brag at all…in fact, in this 48 hour stretch of “downtime”, I found out that hyper-productivity has a curse.

Here’s what I mean…


Because I get so focused on what I am doing to maintain the level of productivity that I do…I realized that I have been overlooking one important thing:

The rest of what life has to offer!

In other words, life had to slow down for me to get me to realize that there was more to it.  Not that I miss my kids baseball games or anything, but once I had slowed down enough, I did some “other” things that I hadn’t done in awhile.

Like read a book (not marketing related)…

Like take my wife out to a quiet lunch (with kids at school), then go to the park and take a slow walk on the path…

Like just sit and think about life for a few uninterrupted moments…

And much more…all in 48 hours.  I got the opportunity to apply my hyper-productivity in a different way, and it was goooooooood. 🙂

So what does this have to do with you, and how does this apply to business building?

Well my friend, quite a bit.

Once I received my modem, I returned to my businesses with a clarity that I hadn’t had in quite some time.  And it all happened because I was forced to take a 48 hour hiatus (aside from the day or two a week I normally take off to recharge the batteries).  So I started to think…

What if I did the forcing?

What if, once a quarter, or more if necessary…I forced myself to this uninterrupted break with the intent on focusing on everything else in life?  Some people might say that’s the same as taking more of a weekend…but I don’t think that’s accurate.

Because I love what I do so much that when I take a “weekend off” to recharge the batteries…it’s with a different focus.

And, this also doesn’t apply to taking a couple weeks (or more) a year off either…that’s what many would consider “taking a vacation”…and I don’t need a vacation from doing something that I love to do with a passion.

If you feel you need a “vacation” from what you do…you might want to think about what you’re doing…is it really something you love to do?  Or is it something you forced yourself to do because of the money possibilities etc…?

Anyhow…don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t take your wife out for dinner…for special occasions…or buy flowers etc… because it doesn’t reflect the same thing.

The lesson you need to take to your business is this…

Schedule some “clarity time” for your business.

Give yourself 48 hours every so often (schedule it, don’t just do it randomly)…and during this 48 hours…don’t touch a thing that has to do with your business.  This isn’t a weekend either though, this group of time has a purpose…to allow your brain to catch up with itself while you’re building your business.

Giving your brain 48 hours to clear out the “fuzzy stuff” will help you…it helped me.  In fact, I do recommend you do this while you are on your scheduled 48 hours.  And…because you’re forcing yourself to slow down, your momentum will begin to build like water behind a dam…and when you let the floodgates loose once your time is over, the productivity increase will amaze you. 🙂

It amazed me…I am going to “slow down to speed up” more often.

Has life slowed down for your recently?

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner To Complete Clarity Online
Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner To Complete Clarity Online