Google Adwords New Rules Mean Quit Taking Shortcuts

There are affiliates that build sites with the intended purpose of brokering traffic…there is no intention on these sites to add value for the visitor.

These same affiliates are always looking for the “minimum required” work they need to do to get around Google’s Adwords requirements for quality score…get a decent enough quality score to save money on clicks…then promote for commissions.

Google now has a new policy that will change the game a little for the lazy affiliates.

(you can find out more on a webmaster discussion here)

Folks, you’re actually going to have to work when you’re putting together a site for an affiliate promo.  (Simply amazing huh?  A business built on work…hmmm…)

So, no more single landing pages with some recycled crap article on it and a link to your affiliate promo people.

Get to work!

Lesson for the day: Quit trying to shortcut building a business.  Even if Google didn’t exist, what on earth would make anyone think that a one-page article site with an affiliate link would help anyone?

Shortcuts usually equal whatever penalties are available.  Maybe not today, but someday, your site will get penalized in some form, this form just happens to hit PPC affiliates who are shorting Google’s visitors square in the gut.

It’s the equivalent of going to a new car dealer’s lot and having the sales person expect to sell you a car just by reading part of the brochure.  You wouldn’t do that would you?

Then don’t expect to post a minimal amount of content on a site and be a weak traffic broker and expect to earn a living forever.

Unless that’s your goal, temporary money…if that’s the case more power to you I guess.  Just don’t whine when someone like Big-G yanks the carpet out from under you.

Let build some real sites people. 🙂

IMPORTANT RESOURCE: The affiliate marketer known only as “.X.” to most has a revealing webinar on this very subject, and what you can do to make sure you stay relevant.

Let’s just say .X. kicks all the hype to the curb, and shows you the nuts and bolts of what to do to keep adding profits to your affiliate business.

It’s called Google Truth, and you can click here to continue to the sign up page…

(I watched this 90 minute webinar personally, and it’s worth the “chicken feed” you have to put up to watch it).

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - How much value have you delivered to your site visitor today?
Joseph Ratliff - How much value have you delivered to your site visitor today?
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