Your Online Clients Can’t Find You If You Don’t Give Them What They Are Looking For…

Does the response rate from your direct marketing effort online seem lackluster at best?

Do you get all the website traffic in the world, but your Paypal account remains dry as a bone?


Do your online clients know any more than they did when they first visited your site?

If not…

YOU LOSE. Every time. Period.

And more importantly, so does your client. Your site did not I.E.C.

What is I.E.C.?

Good question.

Inform them.
Educate them.
Compel them to take the next step.

Notice the letter “C” does not say compel them to buy what your offering.

There are a very few instances where actually buying what your offering is the next step. For the sake of education in this post though, we are going to assume this is not the scenario.

So what is the next step?

A good idea is to offer content of some sort. Quality content, not a sales pitch to what your offering. If your content is good enough, then…and only then…will a potential client consider what your offering for sale.

This quality content should be perceived by your potential client almost as valuable as the item your selling.

Let me repeat that…because this is where 90% of online marketer’s fail…

This quality content should be perceived by your potential client almost as valuable as the item your selling.

Most website’s I visit offer a “special report” or “e-course” of some sort in exchange for your name and email address. Here is a litmus test for that special report or e-course that you can use to determine if it is quality or garbage that needs to be taken out before you drive one more visitor to your page…

It is called the “So what, OK, WOW test.”

So What? (-1 point) Just about worthless to you and your client. You probably are doing more selling and less informing and educating before you compel. That, or the content is too basic for your target audience (you do have a target audience, right?).

Ok? (0 points) You almost have something here. You may have caught your reader’s interest…but lose them in the following hype about product or whatever your trying to sell. Think “How can I change my website visitor’s life without them having to pay for it?.”

WOW! (1 point) Bingo. You have content that stimulates thinking, gives ideas and spurs creativity in your potential client. They should be thinking…

“Man, if they give me this much information/product/samples for FREE…I am aching to buy what they have to offer!”

You see the point values above. Email your freebie to an objective person. Have them review the whole thing, reading it aloud.

If they do not score your freebie with at least 7 Wow’s, or 7 points in total, after reading it…then you need to re-work the piece. If you can score at least 7 points…then your piece is demonstrating enough value to entice someone to read it and react to it.

IMPORTANT: This is where most people who are selling on the web just don’t get it. We do not give away information to “agitate” a problem anymore. Give the goods, and the clients will do business with you to see what you “really” have to offer. I promise.

“But Joe, you said ‘Compel them to take the next step’ was one of the steps.”

Your absolutely right. Your content will get them to the end of your piece, where you become a professional resource to them, right?

So make a resource page as your last page. Tell your potential client what the next logical step is to gain further from the piece you just gave them. But most importantly…

Tell them why it is the next logical step. Another spot where marketers leave prospects in the dust. What a shame.

And that next step could be a small sale, to your sales letter for your main front end product etc

(You do have a back end product to sell after they have invested in you, right?)

Then, even if they don’t buy, offer more and more valuable content that they were not expecting when they first signed on to your list. The better your surprise…the better your secondary response as long as you compel them to take the next step.

So the challenge for you today is…re – evaluate your current “lead in” offer for your own website…and add as much value as you can.

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant