One Way To Get Copywriting Clients You May Not Have Thought Of…

For some reason, in the past week I’ve been getting emails from newer and even a seasoned copywriter asking how I get clients.

After those e-discussions on Skype and through email, I mentioned one strategy that seemed to get a lot of attention (and it’s really simple too).

1)  Go to your local library.  If you don’t have one yet, get a library card.

2)  Ask the “info-person” about the database access they subscribe to (such as ReferenceUSA or whatever).

3)  You should be able to access this database from home.  Log on and…

4)  Put in your search parameters, like type of business, sales volume (best to stay in the higher ranges like 1 million a year and above), etc…etc…

5)  You have a list of prospects…get calling and ask for whomever is in charge of their marketing.

6)  Get to that person (or dept.) and ask any variation of the following question that you’re comfortable with:

“My name is _________, do you have a current or future need for a freelance copywriter?”

That’s it…

Then carry on whatever conversation transpires.  Some will say “no”, and that’s ok…just do one of two things:

1)  Ask them if they could refer you business, or know someone who can.

2)  Move on, NEXT.

It really is that simple, don’t over-complicate this, and you’re bound to run into a few “yes” responses this way.

Even if it takes 100 calls to do so, your time will be well-invested so long as you charge appropriately for your services.

That’s it. If you serve clients, please share any examples of prospecting below (or feel free to comment obviously).