Forget “How Many” Twitter Followers You Have (And Other Social Media Lessons)…

I’m tired of seeing it.  I gotta post this…

Everywhere I turn, I see a new course on “getting more Twitter followers” this, and “make money on Twitter” that…and while there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with these courses or selling those courses AT ALL…

We’re losing the important focus here people.

Twitter, like business, is about people…not about how many followers I have, how many followers you have, and how much money we’re gonna make using Twitter.

“How many” followers doesn’t matter.

If it sounds like I’m frustrated…I am.

Here’s why…

If your mind is only focused on “how to get more Twitter followers”, you’re missing the point.  Twitter (and all the other popular ones for that matter) is social media folks, so be social, and the number of followers you have will reflect how well you’re doing that (unless you’re a fucking SPAMMER, or using something to “game” Twitter, but that’s for another post entirely).

Don’t play games when marketing in Social Media people…it’s about being social.

That doesn’t mean you have to be talking to other people all the time, but at least part of the time.  Sometimes, you can link to your blog content, or other useful tools…hell, sometimes you can even market stuff, but for Pete’s sake you can’t focus on your following as a greater number equating to greater success.

Your following on Twitter (or any other Social Media for that matter) are people, people!  Why on earth would you think of them as only a number of followers (friends, whatever, etc…)?

Sure, you could “set up” Twitter to drive a bunch of traffic to a money-making offer with thousands of people following you…but with ten times less followers, at least double the income could be generated with a joint-venture, advertising partner, getting connected with people who are connected to more people etc…all set up because you actually treated your followers like people, adding value to their lives without considering how that action will “make you money”.

“All that good stuff happened, because a human decided it.” –Gary Vaynerchuk

End rant.

The lesson for today is…

…if any of the above describes how you currently think about Social Media (i.e. it’s about getting links and traffic), change that.  Instead, start to think about the people in your follower list, your friends list, and make at least one even more valuable contact or joint venture partnership by the end of this week.

Once you do that for the first time, you’ll start to realize it doesn’t matter “how many” followers or friends you have…it only matters how many of them you can get connected with to explode your business.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Lets all be Social in the Social Media
Joseph Ratliff - Let's all be Social in the Social Media